1Saves20 debuts rinse-free beauty range

1Saves20 debuts rinse-free beauty range

THE WHAT? 1Saves20 has made its debut on the US market. The rinse-free, resource-conscious beauty range is dedicated to raising awareness about water consumption.

THE DETAILS The Californian brand was created in response to drought conditions in the state and a desire to conserve water. For every application of the brand’s shower, shampoo and cleansing essentials, a user saves 20 gallons of water.

The range comprises body wipes, body mist, face wipes, dry shampoo, hair mist, cleansing balm and multi-balm and is billed as cruelty-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free and vegan.

THE WHY? Co-founder, Adrienne Arieff, explains, “When we all started discussing how water conservation is a top priority – both for us as well as for our children – we realized that the solution isn’t a few people practicing conservation perfectly. Rather, it’s many people each making small but meaningful choices,” says Arieff. “And an easy place to start is in the bathroom where gallons of water are wasted every day. 1Saves20 offers convenient solutions that refresh without water.”