5 REASONS TO LAMINATE WITH SoFT TOUcH ….trending at … LuxePack NYC

5 REASONS TO LAMINATE WITH SoFT TOUcH ….trending at … LuxePack NYC

SoFT TOUcH® (Patented in Europe and China) is an extra matte film with a rose petal feel that gives your final packaging or printed matter the ultimate sensation of luxury and exclusivity.  In addition to its unique tactile features, original colors are enhanced and result in a stunning appearance for all of your lamination jobs.  SoFT TOUcH® is perfect for book and magazine covers, postcards, business cards, marketing brochures, and all kinds of packaging lamination (including perfumes, spirits, jewelry, and luxury gift bags).




1.       SENSORY IMPACT:  It’s the perfect choice to make products stand out.  Thanks to its TOUcH, your final packaging or printed matter will express sophistication.


2.       COLOR RICHNESS:  When you laminate with SoFT TOUcH®, you will discover depth and clarity of the original colors resulting in a stunning visual effect for your final packaging.


3.       VERSATILITY:  SoFT TOUcH® is compatible with the most advanced technologies in spot UV, stampings, screen printing or any other post printing process. Precision and amazing results are guaranteed.


4.       ECONOMICS:  The cost of using SoFT TOUcH® is insignificant in relation to the entire laminating process.  Printing experts note that when all processes (pre-printing, base printing, printing, post-printing and logistics) are considered, laminating with SoFT TOUcH® versus a standard matte film costs only 3% more.  Even better, by using SoFT TOUcH®, the final value of your product will be more than doubled.


5.       NEUROMARKETING:  We set out to prove that laminating with SoFT TOUcH® positively influences the purchasing decision.  Neuroscientific studies measured the emotional impact and positivity on consumers who touch products laminated with SoFT TOUcH®.  These studies confirm that not only is consumer positivity substantially increased, but also that 7 out of 10 customers would choose products packaged with SoFT TOUcH® over any other lamination.


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