50 shades: Fenty launches ‘unprecedented’ concealer range

50 shades: Fenty launches ‘unprecedented’ concealer range

Rihanna’s much-vaunted Fenty Beauty line has announced the launch of a concealer line that spans 50 shades, according to a report published by Refinery 29.

The new cover-up range will hit shelves at the end of this week and will be accompanied by eight new setting powders and two brushes. At the same time, the Kendo-backed brand will upgrade the foundation range that made its name from 40 to 50 shades.

“There are so many people with very unique undertones,” Priscilla Ono, Global Makeup Artist for Fenty beauty, told Refinery 29. “For example, Slick Woods, one of our models, has a very unique olive undertone and we needed that [perfect foundation to match her. We made a color just for her: she’s 345.”

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