A.S. Watson appoints millennials as new Chief Smile Officers to support new mental wellbeing campaign

A.S. Watson appoints millennials as new Chief Smile Officers to support new mental wellbeing campaign

THE WHAT? A.S. Watson has appointed 13 millennials to act as Chief Smile Officers (CSO) to support the company’s new mental wellbeing Global Smile Campaign. 

THE DETAILS The campaign, which has been launched to kick off celebrations of the company’s 180th anniversary in 2021, has a theme of ‘Smile Inside-out’ and will be rolled out to over 15,800 stores, across the group’s 12 brands that are operating in 25 markets around the world.

Aimed at “putting a smile on customers’ faces”, a press release stated, “The campaign is launching to promote a culture of happiness around the globe, encourage customers and colleagues to foster positivity and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.”

The CSO’s are part of the group’s new Billion Smile Club, formed as part of its Millennials CSR Committee, who will advocate mental wellness on social media on a global scale.  

Christie Yeung, CSO, said, “Our Millennials CSR Committee has tried to answer the needs of our customers in the ‘new normal’. We believe this campaign is the key to bringing more smiles to our customers in a sustainable way, with a life changing impact. Mental wellbeing is as important as physical health in this rapidly changing world, and our brands from all over the world will help foster positivity in our communities, so that everyone can smile inside out.”

THE WHY? The campaign forms part of the company’s work to promote positive mental health across the world, with a focus on the impact of the pandemic.  

Malina Ngai, Group COO of A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson Asia & Europe said, “The health and wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and communities continues to be a key focus for A.S. Watson. COVID-19 has made both physical and mental health the top priority for everyone in the world. 
“The implementation of social distancing and lockdown measures can really impact a person emotionally and we see mental health becoming an even bigger issue. Smile Inside-out advocates mental wellbeing and we want to build a culture of happiness for our colleagues and our customers. The campaign has been chosen as the first global initiative to kick off the 180th Anniversary of A.S. Watson, as everything we do starts with our purpose – putting a smile on our customers’ faces.”

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