AAK sets sustainable sourcing example with shea program

AAK sets sustainable sourcing example with shea program

AAK now employs some 70,000 women in West Africa via its sustainable shea sourcing program. As a result, the company has been invited to share its experiences at several trade shows and conferences this year.

Henrik Vingaard, Sourcing Director at AAK, will speak at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris on October 22, explaining how to create sustainable supply chains with a positive social and economic impact on local communities.

Meanwhile, Jarek Tabor, Technical Manager at AAK Personal Care will participate in a round table discussion on some of the key challenges faced by operations in the natural and organic cosmetics industry at in-cosmetics Asia, to be held in Bangkok on 4-6 November.

AAK established its shea sourcing program in 2009, naming it Kolo Nafaso, which translates at ‘the house of shea kernel benefits’. The initiative aims to create a win-win situation for the local workers, their families and AAK and is inspired by fair trade principles, improving local living conditions while ensuring shea availability and quality.