AGC designs AI mirror for Japanese market, named Mirroria

AGC designs AI mirror for Japanese market, named Mirroria

THE WHAT? Japanese manufacturer AGC has developed an Artificial Intelligence smart mirror, which allows consumers to apply make-up while receiving visual help from beauty professional on the same mirror. 

THE DETAILS Named Mirroria, the design has a normal mirror placed on top of a built-in monitor, which allows users to trial cosmetics virtually. 

AGC aims to market the product in early 2021, and has plans to partner with other companies to offer services linked to augmented reality and AI, according to Nikkei Asia. 

Measuring 60×30 cm, AGC aims to sell the mirror for ($2,880 to $3,840) and is expecting to earn 100 million yen in sales by the end of 2021. 

THE WHY? With the pandemic changing the beauty retail landscape as we know it and in-store testing and trials all but drying up completely in Japan, AGC has lauded the smart mirror as a technological replacement. 

Stating that the device could help improve services by having customers perform self-makeup at the counter, it also stated it could be used at reception desks.

Rumi Fujishiro, an AGC sales representative, said, “We have had trouble pitching products because our tests were behind schedule due to the pandemic.
“But COVID-19 could make it easier for us to break into sectors where face-to-face services have been the norm.”