Albéa launches Cushion Tint makeup applicator pencil

Albéa launches Cushion Tint makeup applicator pencil

US packaging manufacturer Albéa has launched a new Cushion Tint make-up pencil inspired by the burgeoning Asian trend for “cushion” cosmetics.

Albéa’s Cushion Tint applicator is an easy-to-hold, double-tipped makeup pencil. At one end of the pencil is a colour dispenser and at the other end there is a “cushion”- an small foam pad to smooth in the tint.

The pencil can be used to apply colour to lips, cheeks or eyelids. The foam pad can then be used to blend colour to create the seamless “naked” affect currently trending in Asia as a result of cushion products such as Amore Pacific’s Colour Control Cushion Compact.

Charlotte Wastyn, Packaging Product Manager for Rigid Packaging Cosmetics at Albéa, commented, “Cushion Tint is the applicator that allows women on the move to get this highly desirable effect in minutes.”

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