Alibaba Cloud teams up with Unilever on next-gen digital marketing initiatives

Alibaba Cloud teams up with Unilever on next-gen digital marketing initiatives

THE WHAT Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, has teamed up with Unilever in a strategic initiative that is said to enable Unilever to action next-generation digital marketing campaigns.

THE DETAILS Announced at the Alibaba Cloud Global Summit, as part of the partnership Unilever will make use of Alibaba Cloud’s AI and cloud-based technologies to develop its omni-channel, online and offline demand generation activities.

Fang Jun, VP Data and Digital, Unilever China said, “Customer buying patterns are ever changing; when and where they buy has caused marketing to become even more agile and precise in order to stay relevant and reduce marketing waste. The use of Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge technology will ensure that our customers enjoy even more value from their relationship with the Unilever brand, through relevant campaigns and activities based on true insights into their buying preference.”

Unilever is set to use technologies such as machine learning and AI to spot customer and market patterns; Dataphin, a unified PaaS platform for intelligent information processing and management; Analytic DB, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) managed database cloud service that can process large amounts of information in real-time; and Quick BI.

THE WHY By utilizing Alibaba’s Cloud solutions, Unilever is said to be able to unlock detailed insights into its customers buying patterns and behavior. 

According to a press release, “The data-driven business intelligence could help Unilever accelerate the creation of new and precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns. It could also enable Unilever to predict more precisely and quickly respond to changing customer buying habits across multiple platforms.”