Allergan Sues Revance Over Secrets

Allergan Sues Revance Over Secrets

THE WHAT?  AbbVie’s Allergan unit is proceeding with a lawsuit against Revance Therapeutics, accusing them of using confidential data to compete in the anti-wrinkle injection and facial filler market.

THE DETAILS  U.S. District Judge Eli Richardson ruled that Allergan plausibly alleged that Revance acquired and used Allergan’s trade secrets following a series of new hires from Allergan. The lawsuit, filed in April, has been allowed to move forward based on circumstantial evidence presented by Allergan. Revance, which has developed an anti-wrinkle product called Daxxify, was accused of recruiting Allergan employees with knowledge of Botox and Juvéderm. Revance’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit was denied.

THE WHY?  Allergan’s lawsuit is aimed at protecting its trade secrets, vital to its competitive position in the market. The legal action follows AbbVie’s acquisition of Allergan and the significant revenue from Botox. The case underscores the importance of proprietary information in the pharmaceutical industry.