Always teams up with YMCA to create sports grants for girls

Always teams up with YMCA to create sports grants for girls

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble-owned Always has teamed up with the YMCA to create the Always Sports Grant, a new fund providing 1,500 girls access to sports programs in ten states across the US.

THE DETAILS The partnership is an extension of Always’ #KeepHerPlaying campaign, and will give at-risk girls between the ages of 10 and 18 access to a season of youth sports including soccer, basketball, swim team, gymnastics, volleyball, or any other sport offered by the local YMCA.

The financial tie in with YMCA follows Always’ donation of US$500,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundation Grantees earlier this year. 

THE WHY? With nearly one in two girls dropping out of sports at puberty, the grants will further Always’ mission to #KeepHerPlaying.

Jennifer Davis, President, Global Feminine Care at Procter & Gamble, said, “It is essential that we as a society understand and share our own experiences of the benefits sports have outside of physical fitness and competition. 
“Sports were an integral part of my scholastic experience, and they shaped my leadership philosophy. I’m not alone: 75% of people believe playing sports during puberty has a positive impact on their future career, yet nearly half of girls in the U.S. drop out of sports during puberty. I’m so proud of the work Always has done this year to #KeepHerPlaying. 

“In partnership with female athletes, trailblazing women, and several of our valued retailer partners, we rallied society to support girls in sports. We have channeled funds to groups including YMCA and Women Sports Foundation to help thousands of girls stay in the game.”