Amazon Dash launches in UK

Amazon Dash launches in UK

Amazon Dash, the one-click home ordering system, has arrived in the UK, with brands such as Rimmel, Olay and Durex all getting on board with the £4.99 button.

The system, which allows a button to be placed around the home for consumers to click on to reorder when a certain product has ran out, has been going strong in the US since 2015 and has now made it onto UK soil.

Director of Amazon Dash, Daniel Rausch, told The Drum, “There is no retail therapy in buying toilet roll or bin bags. It’s just work. We wanted to take the one-click experience from our website and put it right where people need it most, in the home, near the products that run out. So that buying them is no longer work.”

Rimmel, Olay and Durex are among the 150 companies to have signed up, which largely come from the FMCG category.

However, there are hurdles to overcome, with doubts raised over the need to have one button per product, which result in users having to have numerous buttons attached around their house.

This is being looked into, with new ways for the buttons to be integrated being worked out, with Samsung, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool and Grundig all looking to integrate the Amazon Dash button in products going forward.