Amelia Knight acquires Pascalle Cosmetics

Amelia Knight acquires Pascalle Cosmetics

Private label and branded cosmetics manufacturer Amelia Knight Cosmetics has announced the acquisition of Pascalle Cosmetics.

The deal will provide Ameila Knight with its first European manufacturing base and all 70 members of staff at Pascalle’s Stoke-on-Trent facility will be kept on by the company’s new owner. In addition, Amelia Knight is planning to invest in a new R&D lab at the site.

“We continue to experience high growth and customer success, our products are winning highly acclaimed industry awards and we continue to expand,” said David Salmon, Founder and Chairman of Amelia Knight Ltd. “Pascalle’s factory allows us to add instant capacity to our production capabilities. The UK and the North West of England has a rich history in fashion and world class manufacturing. We will continue to grow our capability and nurture great British talent.”

Mark Salmon, Director of UK manufacturing at Amelia Knight, added, “By ramping up our production capabilities, we can bring our expertise in great design and high technical standards to our combined customer base, ensuring we are faster than ever with the latest fashion trends at competitive prices. In diversifying our production base, we also sidestep the threat of future tariffs between the US and China, as well as unlocking the full potential of the Stoke facilities. This deal will allow us to create more manufacturing jobs in the UK.” 

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