Amore Pacific and LG Household & Care launch Chinese road show

Amore Pacific and LG Household & Care launch Chinese road show

In a bid to capitalise on the so-called K-Beauty boom – the explosion of Korean cosmetics in China – two of the biggest Korean beauty giants Amore Pacific and LG Household & Care have launched a roadshow in China to showcase their products.

Jointly hosted by both companies, the road show, named K-Beauty Show will showcase both brand’s products in the hope to tap into the lucrative Chinese market. Many Korean cosmetics companies are now looking for opportunities to branch out of the oversaturated domestic market and are capitalizing on the lucrative Chinese market where consumers are embracing Korean cosmetics. Indeed Korean cosmetics are proving popular around globe.

China, the third largest cosmetics markets after the US and Japan, in particular is giving Korean cosmetic companies a boost, with many consumers seeking the products used on Korean TV dramas and advertised by idol groups.

The K Beauty Show will be held in Huangzhou and Nanjing on to present various products. It’s the first time the two companies have collaborated to hold such a show.



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