AmorePacific creates customizable lipstick

AmorePacific creates customizable lipstick

South Korean multinational AmorePacific has created a lipstick that is entirely customizable.

The first for the company, the Two Tone Lip Bar lipstick can be created at the Laneige outlet in Myeong-dong, Central Seoul. Buyers can create two tone lipsticks to match their complexions and can choose from a selection of 13 colors for the outer lip and 14 colors for the inner lip.

While it’s the first for AmorePacific, customizable beauty products are a big seller in South Korea, with Laneige’s Two-tone lip bar being a popular haunt for consumers.

AmorePacific said in a statement, “We will continue to launch more customized cosmetics to meet the individual needs and demands of our customers in line with recent consumption trends.”

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