AmorePacific partners with AI-based start-up Asleep 

AmorePacific partners with AI-based start-up Asleep 

THE WHAT? AmorePacific has teamed up with artificial intelligence-based start-up Asleep to verify the performance of skincare products capable of helping users sleep properly, according to Aju Daily. 

THE DETAILS Asleep is a domestic health start-up that specializes in AI-based sleeping solutions for breathing while asleep. 

AmorePacific is aiming to utilize Asleep’s personalized sleep diagnosis technology, hoping to gain scientific evidence for beauty products that assist good sleeping if they put them on before going to bed.

Asleep has a Wi-Fi-based device that measures the respiratory rate and how much a user tosses and turns in bed. 

THE WHY? Taking to a statement, Amorepacific’s research and innovation center head Park Young-ho said, “We will further strengthen research on sleeping beauty products and develop innovative products in many different fields such as health foods and cosmetics.”