AmorePacific unveils sensor that can measure skin sensation

AmorePacific unveils sensor that can measure skin sensation

THE WHAT? AmorePacific has developed the world’s first intelligent tactile sensor that is capable of measuring skin sensations. The new sensor will help the K-beauty giant to refine and optimise the texture of the cosmetics it develops.

THE DETAILS The intelligent tactile sensors can combine machine learning with measurement technology, enabling them to recognise temperature, moisture levels and even the solution used. The flexible device can withstand external pressure and is ultra-thin, allowing stable measurement while adhered to the skin.

THE WHY? Park Young-ho, Head of R&I Center at AmorePacific said, “Now, we are able to provide verified and reliable results by comparing the cool and warm sensations of cosmetics for evaluation. We will continue to further secure data using advanced technology and bring about innovations through research.”