Amway India relaunches Artistry as Artistry Skin Nutrition

Amway India relaunches Artistry as Artistry Skin Nutrition

THE WHAT? Amway India has announced that it is rebranding its premium skin care line, Artistry, as Artistry Skin Nutrition, according to a report published by the Business Standard.

THE DETAILS The new range goes beyond skin care, the direct sales firm claims, delivering nutrients to the skin thanks to plant-based botanicals from Nutrilite farms. The range is vegan and paraben free.

THE WHY? Ajay Khanna, CMO, Amway India told Business Standard, “The health-conscious consumers of today are increasingly looking for products that are enhanced with nutrients. Leveraging our expertise in nutrition with Nutrilite, a brand backed by a rich legacy of over 80 years on the plant-based approach to supplementation, it was a natural progression for us to present this skin care range derived from the best of science and best of nature with the powerful botanicals from our Nutrilite farms… We are delighted to introduce the first phase of the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line, which includes an anti-ageing range of seven products, that has a blend of Nutrilite and Artistry skin science expertise.”