Amway Philippines innovates to keep up with millennial consumer

Amway Philippines innovates to keep up with millennial consumer

Amway Philippines has announced the opening of a new centre My Amway Place amidst a drive to innovate and attract a younger audience as the company marks its 20th anniversary in the country.

As the competition ramps up to attract the influential millennial consumer group, Amway Philippines will also be launching new products in order to cater to this demographic.

Amway Philippines Country Manager Ma. Elenita Olmedo told The Standard, “What do you do if you’re a company 20 years in the market already. Sometimes, you have to keep innovating. That’s what Amway is known for.
“For one, we are coming up with products specific for the Filipino market. One of the biggest things we’ll be doing in the near future is we will be having our new physical infrastructure and we call it the Brand Experience Center. We’re moving our headquarters and location for Amway distribution center. We’re opening up in a way that you can shop and be experiencing Amway in a whole new way.”

The centre will be a base for Amway Business Owners (ABO) to create a better in-shopping experience.

Olmedo continued, “We are aiming for more seamless operations and coordination among our more than 60,000 ABOs, which we expect to greatly increase their productivity and efficiency. A new experience center in Makati will also support retailing, training, and community building programs, at least in the Metro Manila area.”