Andean countries postpone cosmetic standard harmonisation

Andean countries postpone cosmetic standard harmonisation

THE WHAT? Four Andean countries have postponed the harmonisation of a joint cosmetic standard for six months, according to a report by Chemical Watch.

THE DETAILS The trade bloc comprising Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (CAN) – The Andean Community – announced the decision to delay the standard last month, with it now coming into force on 27 May, 2020.

THE WHY? Decision 833 was amended, with the standard governing how cosmetics created in or imported to CAN countries are produced, stored, imported or commercialized.

The standard states that the products must not harm human health when applied under normal or unforeseen circumstances, while also looking at labelling issues.

It is the latest delay for the Andean countries, which previously postponed a restriction on the use of triclosan and triclocarban in cosmetics to allow holders of ‘sanitary notifications’ longer time to use up cosmetics already on the market.

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