ANESSA Launches Sunshine Project to Promote Children’s Well-Being Across Asia

THE WHAT?  ANESSA, Asia’s leading suncare brand, has launched the ANESSA Sunshine Project, a groundbreaking initiative to promote children’s holistic well-being through safe sun exposure.

THE DETAILS  Starting in Japan and expanding to 12 Asian countries, the project aims to reach over 300,000 children by 2030 through participatory events, UV education, and support for Xeroderma Pigmentosum patients. These activities are designed to encourage children to enjoy outdoor play while being protected from harmful UV rays.

THE WHY? This initiative underscores ANESSA’s commitment to encouraging outdoor play and lifelong health. By promoting safe sun exposure, ANESSA aims to foster physical, emotional, and intellectual growth in children, aligning with its brand purpose of allowing people to “shine infinitely under the sun.” The project also addresses modern society’s declining outdoor activity among children, promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.