Arcade Beauty teams up with Easysnap

Arcade Beauty teams up with Easysnap

Sampling company Arcade Beauty has announced a strategic partnership agreement with packaging company Easysnap.

Under the agreement, Arcade Beauty has purchased 30 percent of Bologna-based Easysnap’s outstanding shares and acquired several production lines that will be transferred to its own facilities worldwide. The transaction also includes commercial and manufacturing arrangements related to cosmetic sampling.

The partnership will allow both companies to increase their market share and work together to market and distribute Easysnap’s patented one-handed unit dose sampling system worldwide.

“We are delighted to announce this strategic partnership with Easysnap and look forward to working closely with its Co-Founders Christian Burattini and Andrea Taglini. Arcade Beauty continues to invest in new technologies and is committed to research and development as we strive to bring innovation to the marketplace and to better serve our customers. We look forward to the many possibilities this strategic partnership brings,”  said Serge Jureidini, President and CEO of Arcade Beauty.

Christian Burattini and Andrea Taglini, Easysnap’s Co-Founders, added, “We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with Arcade Beauty to fully develop the market for the patented one-hand opening and dispensing unit dose. This is a significant milestone for Easysnap and we are excited to expand our brand in the marketplace as well as continue to develop our patented and innovative proprietary technologies.”