Arcaea debuts innovative odor prevention technology, ScentARC

Arcaea debuts innovative odor prevention technology, ScentARC

THE WHAT? Arcaea has launched its first ingredient technology, ScentARC, to biologically shift scent naturally and with precision. The technology is designed to target specific underarm microbes, naturally preventing the production of odorous compounds without masking smells or anti-microbials.

THE DETAILS Available as a solution for deodorant brands to formulate with and incorporate into their own consumer offerings, ScentARC was developed through a biology-first technology platform which leveraged machine learning, high throughput screening, and skin microbiology research.

THE WHY? Jasmina Aganovic, CEO of Arcaea, reveals, “Our mission is to make biology the most desired technology in beauty. When it comes to the $25B deodorant category, the underlying science relies on approaches developed in the 1800s: masking smells, killing odor, or blocking and absorbing sweat. We saw a better solution through biology using technologies that didn’t exist until recently.”