Argentina finalizes draft bill for industrial chemicals management

Argentina finalizes draft bill for industrial chemicals management

The Argentinian government has finalised the draft bill for industrial chemicals management, which is hoped to be presented to Congress before the October elections, according to a report by Chemical Watch.

As part of the proposed bill, there would be a national inventory of substances created, with their risk then being evaluated. Following the implementation of the country’s new Inventory of Substances of Industrial Use (ISUI) being put into place, producers or importers would have three years to register chemicals.

Having finalised the legal wording, the government is yet to present the bill to the legislature. However, the country notified the WTO of the draft regulation, setting out part of the bill on 3 June, with exemptions being the only part of the document under discussions.

Comments are to be made until 3rd August.

Looking to create a uniformed system for the management of industrial chemicals, the bill now has to pass through congress. In order for this to happen either a senator must sponsor the bill, or the government could present it before the legislature itself.

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