AS Watson to create 200,000 jobs for young people globally by 2030

AS Watson to create 200,000 jobs for young people globally by 2030

THE WHAT? AS Watson has announced that it will create 200,000 job openings globally for young people by 2030. The pledge is designed to help tackle youth unemployment in the wake of the pandemic.

THE DETAILS The jobs will span different areas of the retailer’s business, including working in stores, at head office and in distribution and the roles are multi-disciplinary from customer service specialist to marketing, digital development, e-commerce, analytics, finance and sustainability.

THE WHY? Parkson Tseung, Group People Director (Asia) of AS Watson Group, says, “We all have a responsibility to nurture the next generation. What young people need is more companies opening doors to them and offering them a platform to prove their abilities. A.S. Watson is proud to provide more and better opportunities so that young people see hope in their future amid uncertainties in the world economy. The pandemic has made it difficult for young people to start their career with limited exposure to the workplace. Through these jobs, we are not just empowering them to be more confident and competent but also strengthening our business by listening to the voice of the next generation.”