ASA Rules Against Rimmel Ad

ASA Rules Against Rimmel Ad

THE WHAT?   The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reviewed a complaint about a Facebook advertisement by Coty UK Ltd, trading as Rimmel London, aired on September 9, 2023. The ad featured influencer Lana Jenkins and promoted Rimmel’s “THE MULTI-TASKER CONCEALER” with the slogan “Get ready to slay this back-to-school season.”

THE DETAILS  The ad was challenged by two complainants who argued that it implied makeup was necessary for school readiness, potentially playing on young girls’ insecurities. In response, Rimmel stated that the campaign targeted a broader demographic, including university students and teachers, and did not market to children. According to Rimmel, the ad used the term “slay” in a positive context.

THE WHY?   The ASA upheld the complaint, stating that the ad, despite its intended audience, could be perceived as targeting younger students due to its imagery and language. They found that the ad implied makeup was linked to school success, which could impact young girls’ self-perception. The ASA ruled the ad breached the CAP Code for social responsibility and should not appear again in the form complained of. Rimmel was advised against implying the necessity of makeup for school success in future marketing.