Athena Cosmetics prevails in battle against counterfeits

Athena Cosmetics prevails in battle against counterfeits

THE WHAT? Athena Cosmetics has won through in a court battle over trademark infringement involving the use of counterfeiting.

THE DETAILS The court ordered the defendant, AMN Distribution to pay more than US$1.1 million in damages to the owner of RevitaLash for ‘causing significant harm’ by selling counterfeit goods via its BrushExpress platform and numerous eBay stores and online marketplaces.

THE WHY? Michael Brinkenhoff, CEO of Athena Cosmetics, explains, “We are pleased that the Federal court recognized the significant harm caused by these counterfeit products and the defendants’ blatant disregard for both our intellectual property and consumer safety. Athena Cosmetics will continue to take whatever steps necessary to protect our brand and to ensure that consumers can trust that they are buying authentic RevitaLash Cosmetics products that perform as promised.”