Augustinus Bader reformulates The Rich Cream as vegan

Augustinus Bader reformulates The Rich Cream as vegan

THE WHAT? Augustinus Bader has reformulated its best-selling The Rich Cream, with the product now fully vegan, according to a report by 

THE DETAILS The skin care brand has dropped beeswax from its formula following requests from consumers. 

The reformulation was said to have begun in 2018, the same year it was launched, with the new formula still containing TFC8 – the patented blend of natural amino acids, vitamins and molecules. 

The company undertook a four-week clinical trial of the new formula with 30 participants, with the vegan formula said to be well received. 

THE WHY? With plant-based living on the rise globally, as is the demand and growth of vegan and cruelty-free beauty. 

Talking to, Augustinus Bader Co-Founder and CEO Charles Rosier said, “The idea was to say, despite the fact that The Rich Cream is pretty successful, why don’t we work on an upgraded version. It can be improved, even if it’s marginal.”

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