Aussie Thankyou invites Unilever and P&G to team up to save the world

Aussie Thankyou invites Unilever and P&G to team up to save the world

THE WHAT? Australian social enterprise Thankyou has sent a partnership invitation to Unilever and Procter & Gamble in a bid to persuade them to make and distribute Thankyou’s products globally and will sit down with both in a week’s time to discuss a potential deal.

THE DETAILS “They make, distribute and sell hundreds of brands and billions of products every day – and we’ve got meetings with them both,” the company wrote on its website. “What we’re asking them to do will change the world. We’re asking if they’ll join us in making and distributing Thankyou products globally. To flip consumerism, for good. If they say yes, together we could change millions of lives.”

Thankyou is asking social media users to post in support of its plan in a bid to persuade the multinationals to sign on the dotted line. It has also pledged to publicly announce those companies that have agreed to work towards a ‘new normal’ on one of the largest digital billboards in the world.

THE WHY? With its stated goal to ‘tip the scales and flip the system of the global US$63 trillion consumer spending to help end extreme poverty’, Thankyou is aiming to partner with its competitors and leverage their ability to sustain products in-market through their competitive advantage while it takes care of the brand, purpose and power of the movement and together amplify their impact.

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