Avon branches out into facemasks

Avon branches out into facemasks

THE WHAT? Avon is set to stock a series of protective fabric face masks alongside its lipsticks and moisturisers, according to a report published by ITV.

THE DETAILS The direct sales company is banking on the protective shields, which are said to prevent the spread of COVID-19, becoming sought-after accessories as lockdowns are eased across Europe.

Avon is hoping to avoid the type of backlash that has been levelled at fast fashion retailers such as BooHoo by promoting its face masks as ‘functional first’.

“In the past two months, we’ve achieved more than we have in the past decade,” CEO Angela Cretu said of the Natura &Co-owned firm’s transformation since the outbreak forced a re-think.

THE WHY? Cretu said that the business had a duty to remain open because it had a five-million strong network of women that depend on the company for their income. It therefore has had to be adaptable, which in the midst of the GVC, means selling high-demands items such as hand sanitiser and face masks.

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