Avon launches into wellness with new supplements range

Avon launches into wellness with new supplements range

Avon is capitalizing on the popular wellness trend with the launch of a range of supplements and daily vitamin packs, according to a report published by Well + Good.

The Espira range comprises a series of products designed to promote skin health, improve sleep quality and boost energy. The skin health collection, Glow, includes a supplement to be taking in the mornings and a powdered drink designed to be administered before bed, containing antioxidants to protect against environmental damage and collagen and peptides to plump skin.   

“When conceptualizing the Espira range, we looked to women aged 18 to 50 – our primary customers and representative age base – who possibly had children, and definitely had busy lives, to figure out what their needs were,” Elana Gold, Avon Chief Marketing Officer told Well + Good. “What we found was a serious depletion of energy. It seems everyone is tired these days.”

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