Avon to move R&D operations to Brazil and Poland

Avon to move R&D operations to Brazil and Poland

THE WHAT? Natura &Co-owned Avon has announced that it will be establishing new Research and Development operations in Brazil and Poland, two of its largest markets, and closing its existing New York-based facility.

THE DETAILS Locating R&D in key Avon markets will enable closer connections with Representatives and Consumers and build seamless communities with its supply chain operations and with Natura in Brazil, co-locating R&D at the Cajamar site, Avon said in a statement.

THE WHY? The move is part of Avon’s Open Up and Grow strategy. Angela Cretu, CEO Avon, commented, “For 136 years, breakthrough innovation has been at the core of the Avon brand with our proprietary technology and award winning, affordable beauty products. We believe this evolution of our R&D operations will give us access to a wider ecosystem of partners to drive our innovation pipeline. We’re incredibly proud of our Suffern team and grateful for the strong innovation foundation that we will build on.”