BASF launches color trends projection for 2017

BASF launches color trends projection for 2017

Chemicals manufacturer BASF has released its 2017 Color Trends collection based on lifestyle trends set to impact the beauty market next year.

The 2017 Color Trends collection offers manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products a vast range of color and effect pigments, actives, and formulations. The company has grouped together colors in order to reflect next year’s lifestyle trends.

Valérie Pian-Parison, Marketing Manager at the Personal Care business of BASF, said, “BASF’s 2017 Color Trends consists of four distinct beauty profiles, each based on cultural drivers in the global marketplace.
“We have been keeping a close eye on both regional and global developments as well as the latest fashion shows in order to help our customers create products and brand experiences that really resonate with consumers.”

The four groups are: Smart and Seamless, Glam Now, Alive, and Gen You. Smart and Seamless offers ‘a cooler look’ and is targeted at people keen on technology. It features neutral tones with lab greens, metallic hues and whites, as well as nude and natural skin tones. Glam Now is evocative of Old Hollywood and has plush velvet plums, feminine pinks and nudes, dramatic reds, and midnight blues. Meanwhile, the Alive collection is inspired by nature and features ‘succulence of fruit, the vibrant colors of nature in full bloom, the saturated greens of trees after summer rain, and the vastness and depth of the oceans and the sky.’ And finally Gen You is aimed at the expressive generation of young girls trialling make up and opts for vivid hues.