BASF launches new micro-proteins, active ingredients and beauty routines

BASF launches new micro-proteins, active ingredients and beauty routines

Ingredient maker BASF will be presenting a raft of new ingredients at this year’s Cosmetagora as part of its ‘Inspiring Beauty Rituals 2017’ collection.

As part of this the company will launch Dermagenist, the first active said to benefit from the company’s findings on epigenetics, Relipidum, an active thought to reverse skin dehydration by rebalancing the skin’s microbiota, and Nutrilan, Keratim LM, and Gluadin Kera-P LM – new micro-proteins that repair the hair on the inside.

Valérie Pian Parison, Senior Operative Marketing Manager for BASF’s Personal Care business in France, said, “We will launch three new routines inspired by life. They provide a foresight of tomorrow’s consumer expectations, including sensory experience, performances, recovery from external stresses and sustainable sourcing of ingredients.”

These include: Escape from urban life – targeting consumers favoring natural approach – Achieve performance – efficacy and personalization – and Smart and seamless, minimalist formulations.

Alongside these launches the company has announced its soothing cleansing butter has been nominated for the Cosmetagora Formulation Award 2017.

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