BASF signs exclusive distribution agreement with Nexeo Solutions

BASF signs exclusive distribution agreement with Nexeo Solutions

BASF has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with chemical distributor Nexeo Solutions for certain specialty high-performance solvents in the US and Canada.

Through this relationship, Nexeo will gain access to a BASF product offering that is well aligned with its focused markets. BASF’s high-performance solvents line includes glycol diethers, 1,3-dioxolane and 1,4-dioxane.

“Nexeo’s market knowledge and technical expertise make them the right distributor for BASF on these products,” said Eduardo Padilla, Director of Corporate Distribution at BASF. “Customers in the US and Canada will benefit from their excellent service and capabilities.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity to extend what is already a strong business relationship between BASF and Nexeo,” added Federico Montaner, Business Director-Specialty Chemicals.

The news comes on the back of a strategic agreement signed between Nexeo and UK-based personal care and specialty chemicals company Lambson, which aims to extend the reach of Lambson’s Vida-Care and ingredient range to North America as well as provide technology to Nexeo’s cosmetic and personal care divisions.