&be Launches Limited Edition Pokémon Color-Coded Cosmetic Sunscreen Collection

&be Launches Limited Edition Pokémon Color-Coded Cosmetic Sunscreen Collection

THE WHAT?  &be, the popular makeup brand created by hair and makeup artist Yusuke Kawakita, is set to release a limited-edition Pokémon collaboration collection of color-coded cosmetic sunscreens. Launching on June 1st, the collection will feature special versions of the best-selling &be UV Primer and &be Fan Sealer, available exclusively in Japan.

THE DETAILS The &be UV Primer, known for its coverage and dewy finish with over 1 million units sold, will now be available in a new color called Sky Glow, which includes light blue pearls to enhance skin clarity. The limited-edition collection will also include the &be Fan Sealer, both products featuring designs of beloved Pokémon characters such as Pikachu, Snorlax, Jigglypuff, and Eevee. The packaging is designed to show the Pokémon high-fiving, symbolizing care for everyone’s skin.

THE WHY?  This collaboration celebrates the iconic Pokémon franchise, which has been adored globally since its debut in 1996. By partnering with Pokémon, &be aims to combine fun and nostalgia with effective skincare. The collection promotes the message “Be Thoughtful. High five everyone!” encouraging users to protect their skin from UV rays while enjoying the playful designs of their favorite Pokémon characters.