Beiersdorf announces wary outlook despite positive 2017

Beiersdorf announces wary outlook despite positive 2017

Beiersdorf has announced a forecasted sales growth of 4 percent for 2018, with operating profit set to remain the same as last year – a cautious outlook for the skincare marker.

The company expected its adhesives business growth to slow, while the consumer division is thought to continue to outperform the market. Sales growth for the consumer division was predicted at a rise of 4 to 5 percent, while the Tesa adhesives business would grow at 3 to 4 percent in 2018.

Speaking to a news conference, Chief Executive Stefan Heidenreich said he was confident the company could exceed its guidance, with strong business recorded in January and February.

The Nivea parent company also reported after-tax profit declines of 5.2 percent last year, put down to one-off gains in 2016, financial investments and negative exchange rates.

Operating profit for 2017 rose 15.4 percent from the previous year, with it having previously announced it has beat its 2017 forecast with a 5.7 rise.