Beiersdorf cuts the ribbon on US Innovation Center

Beiersdorf cuts the ribbon on US Innovation Center

THE WHAT? Beiersdorf has opened a new chapter in the North American market with a new Innovation Center and North American HQ in New Jersey and Connecticut, respectively.

THE DETAILS The NJ Innovation Center is the Nivea maker’s second such regional hub worldwide and the first global center of excellence for OTC and sun care products outside of Hamburg.

“The Beiersdorf Innovation Center will be our powerhouse in North America,” said Beiersdorf CEO Vincent Warnery. “The US represents the world’s largest skin and sun care markets. A strong R&D presence in North America and an enhanced position in skin and sun care is vital to growing our business in the region and fully pays into our C.A.R.E.+ strategy.”

THE WHY? Both new facilities represent a strong commitment to the region and will help drive growth for Beiersdorf with a strengthened position in the North American market, the German manufacturer of La Prairie said in a statement.