Beiersdorf invests in bespoke skin care start-up Routinely

Beiersdorf invests in bespoke skin care start-up Routinely

THE WHAT? Beiersdorf’s venture capital unit, Oscar&Paul has invested in skin care start-up, Routinely.

THE DETAILS The new D2C brand is based around 13 unisex serums and an app which helps consumers to use the perfect combination for them, creating personalized skin care routines in real time using an advanced algorithm, supplemented by self-assessment and taking into account external factors such as humidity, temperature, air quality and solar radiation.

“We must reconsider the traditional, static way of thinking when it comes to skin care,” explains Charlotte Van Loock, cofounder and CMO at Routinely. “Our skin is a living, breathing organ that is influenced by a myriad of factors, such as eating habits, day-to-day environment, sleep patterns, hormonal balance, and many more. Generic products fail to cater to this individual specificity of our skin. Our goal is to create more clarity in the skin care segment. We want to offer consumers exactly and exclusively what they need to improve their skin health. Active ingredients that are proven to work while providing smart, convenient care.”

THE WHY? The investment is a further step towards implementing Beiersdorf’s C.A.R.E.+ strategy and chimes with the wider shift towards digital that has been exacerbated by the pandemic, says Ascan Voswinckel, Head of Oscar&Paul. “We know from comprehensive feedback and studies how relevant personalized skin care is to the consumer. We strongly believe in the pioneering concept of Routinely brought about by the team with an exceptional deal of dedication and spirit. As an investor and strategic partner, we collaborate closely with the team and share our expertise to bring Routinely to market quickly and evolve it successfully,” he added.