Beiersdorf unveils climate change action; new Nivea bottle made with 50 percent less plastic

Beiersdorf unveils climate change action; new Nivea bottle made with 50 percent less plastic

THE WHAT? Beiersdorf has unveiled a raft of climate change action in a bid to tackle the global plastic problem, showcasing a new Nivea bottle that’s made with 50 percent less plastic. 

THE DETAILS Launched at the Plastic-Free World Conference, the bottle and cap of the new Nivea Naturally Good Body Lotion has been designed to use 50% less plastic than a comparable standard Nivea body lotion packaging, with the bottle being fully recyclable after use and can be integrated into the material loop in all countries with existing waste infrastructures.

In a bid to become more circular, the personal care giant is following its four R’s, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace’ and has pledged to have converted 90 percent of its PET bottles in Europe to include recycled material by 2020 end, a plight that is said to save 1,200 tons of fossil-based virgin plastic per year.

THE WHY? Beiersdorf’s action falls in line with a concerted push amongst cosmetic and personal care manufacturers for authenticity and accountability in their sustainability efforts. Aligning goals with governmental and NGO climate change targets and the Paris Climate Agreement, Beiersdorf states it is looking to minimize its environmental footprint.

Jean-Francois Pascal, Vice President Corporate Sustainability at Beiersdorf, said, “As we strongly believe the global plastic problem cannot be solved in silos, but a broader collaboration and joined forces are needed, we are taking action beyond our own business. We are teaming up with our suppliers, trade partners, NGOs, scientific institutions and also with other players in our industry.
“We want to really drive the topic forward and contribute to the change we need within a broader context.”

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