Bella Hadid Launches ‘Ôrəbella, A New Era of Fragrance, Exclusively at Ulta Beauty

Bella Hadid Launches ‘Ôrəbella, A New Era of Fragrance, Exclusively at Ulta Beauty

THE WHAT?   Model, activist, and entrepreneur Bella Hadid has officially introduced her innovative fragrance brand, ‘Ôrəbella, to the beauty market. This groundbreaking launch occurred on May 2nd on, with an exclusive retail debut set for May 10th at Ulta Beauty. ‘Ôrəbella promises a new direction in perfumery, dubbed the “skinification of fragrance,” with its first-of-its-kind alcohol-free, hydrating parfum.

THE DETAILS   ‘Ôrəbella’s unique bi-phase formula merges a nourishing base with mood-enhancing scent layers. The base, known as ‘Ôrəlixir™, blends hydrating snow mushroom with a five-oil mix to enhance skin health and fragrance longevity. The top phase includes a blend of aromatherapy essential oils and premium fragrance components designed to boost the wearer’s aura. This innovative approach to fragrance allows users to shake and activate the dual phases before application.

THE WHY?  Derived from Hadid’s Arabic family name meaning iron ore, ‘Ôrəbella combines the essence of “ore” with “aura,” symbolizing the unique energy every individual possesses. The brand was born from Hadid’s personal sensitivity to traditional alcohol-based perfumes and her passion for crafting bespoke essential oil blends. Each scent in the debut collection—WINDOW2SOUL, SALTED MUSE, and BLOOMING FIRE—draws from pivotal memories and experiences from Hadid’s life, offering a deeply personal touch.