Benefit staff move into quirky UK head office in Essex

Benefit staff move into quirky UK head office in Essex

US cosmetics brand Benefit has opened new UK head office in Chelmsford, Essex.

In-keeping with brand’s distinct vintage style, Benefit updated a former radio factory dating back to 1912 which had fallen into disrepair.

Benefit has spent the last 18 months restoring the Marconi Building on New Street, to create “quirky and contemporary offices.”

The Marconi Building is named after Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor and electrical engineer, who helped develop long-distance radio transmission is often credited as the inventor of radio.

Original features of the building have been preserved, such as beams, marble flooring, fireplaces, glass windows, the old clock tower and even old electrical boxes. Yet modern, playful new additions have been added such as Benefit and Marconi-inspired images hidden behind doors to nowhere, ladders leading up to a clear blue sky and grass-covered lounges where staff can relax on beanbags. Marconi’s old office, located at the front of the building, has been transformed into a miniature museum and guest waiting area.

Ian Marshall, Managing Director commented, “Chelmsford has been our base since we brought Benefit over to the UK from San Francisco – simply because we lived here! Indeed, our first ‘office’ was my study! We were looking for a new ‘home’, as our team is ever expanding and were very keen to find somewhere that had character and a personality that reflected the unique DNA of benefit.”