Bionova skincare launch harnesses power of the human body

Bionova skincare launch harnesses power of the human body

A new skincare product has launched to market that is said to utilize the benefits of the human body. The concept of Bionova skincare is said to utilize the same substance composition in the same quantities that are found in a human body.

The brainchild of Dr Danielov MD PhD and his scientific team, Bionova is said to offer benefits that other skincare brands cant due to the experience of its creators within experimental medicine.

The products do not contain any substances that are foreign to the body, such as oil, waxes, minerals, plants or animal extracts, and contain Hyper-Natural ingredients that that are physiologically produced in the living organisms and 100 percent endogenous to a human body.

Hyper-Natural ingredients are created through a proprietary technological process that allows using them in Nano and Pico quantities. According to the company, the medicinal background of the scientists allows them to identify the cause of a problem and create targeted bioactive substances composition to treat the cause of this problem.



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