Blueberries approved to sell CBD products in Colombia

Blueberries approved to sell CBD products in Colombia

Canadian company Blueberries has confirmed it has received approval from the Columbian food and drug regulator to sell CBD products within the country.

The Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos, the Colombian National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute, has agreed to the sale and export of five CBD-based health and wellness products, which will include a face cream, lip balm, body cream, beauty balm and cannabis oil shampoo.

Blueberries is expected to do a product launch in Latin America and Columbia in the second half of 2019, with the INVIMA decision said to help the product approval process in other Latin America countries.

Dr. Patricio Stocker, Chief Executive Officer of Blueberries, said, “INVIMA approval is a major accomplishment which allows us to commence product commercialization. Our team of distinguished experts has diligently worked to create proprietary products to bring the benefits of CBD to consumers across diverse markets in Latin America and globally, and position Blueberries as a leader in this new market segment as it continues to evolve. Our wellness product line will offer a range of premium products with natural ingredients for both the female and male consumer.”

CBD products are said to be an important focus area for the company’s technical and business development.

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