Boots increases Christmas digital marketing spend with a focus on ‘mass personalisation at scale’

The what? UK beauty and personal care retailer Boots has increased its digital Christmas marketing spend from 42 percent to 55 percent year on year, creating a film that focuses on personalised, interactive shopping, according to The Drum.

The details Boots has created a funny, festive film that moves from targeting cosmetic-sharing mothers and daughters in 2018, to positioning itself as an invaluable outlet for the anxious consumer.

The film is split up into different sections targeting different tribes or ‘Bootiques’ with the aim of being able to split the advert into shorter films for different audiences.

Adam Zavalis, Brand and Marketing Director of Boots, said, “We are trying to drive mass personalisation at scale, we have a huge amount of data, 15 million active ad card users as well as those who come into our stores.
“Customers are expecting messages, to be tailored contextual and relevant, it is important to be in a strong position with data to communicate in a modern way.”

Pop up stores The Sleep Boutique, The Love Boutique, The Tween Boutique will also be launched in a bid to bridge the retail and digital worlds.

The why? The launch of a hyper-targeted advert highlights the emphasis the retailer is placing on personalisation in retail going forward, and as we know, personalisation is a huge trend in the personal care and beauty industry.  

Following on from the launch of its digital advantage card this year, the advert also links to the yet-to-be-launched Build Your Own Bootique tool, where consumers can curate and share shops according to interests such as fitness, veganism and health.

Zavalis stated, “We are not just targeting people with Bootiques that we think they are interested in, we want them to create their own. They can create something bespoke and we could end up with millions of very bespoke user-created boutiques. It is a broad opportunity.”

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