Boots Online Doctor Introduces 24-Hour Skin Condition Diagnosis and New Treatment Services

Boots Online Doctor Introduces 24-Hour Skin Condition Diagnosis and New Treatment Services

THE WHAT?   Boots Online Doctor has unveiled a new Skin Condition Diagnosis service, providing patients with a clinical assessment of common skin concerns within 24 hours. Additionally, the service now includes Skin Ageing and Hyperpigmentation Treatment, offering professional advice and prescription treatments for skin issues like fine lines, texture, and acne scarring.

THE DETAILS  As part of its commitment to accessible dermatological care, Boots Online Doctor’s new Skin Condition Diagnosis service allows patients to submit photos of skin concerns for expert review, costing £25 per assessment. Patients complete a questionnaire, upload photos using the new Boots Photo Diagnosis scanner, and receive a diagnosis and advice from a clinician within 24 hours. Those diagnosed can access further treatment options or visit their GP.

These services were developed by Dr. Susie Gawler, Clinical Lead for Acne and Skin at Boots Online Doctor. Boots is also enhancing its in-store skincare expertise by providing dermatological training to over 4,000 pharmacists and additional skincare training to 1,200 Beauty and Healthcare Specialists.

Boots has also launched a new Skin Hub on, offering free advice and educational content on a variety of skin types and conditions. Boots now hosts over 500 beauty brands, including new additions like Bubble, 47 Skin, Coats Skincare, and Dermalogica Clear Start.

THE WHY?  With over 70% of British people affected by visible skin conditions or scars, and a 68% increase in patients seeking dermatological advice through Boots Online Doctor, these new services address the rising demand for convenient, expert skincare solutions. By offering rapid diagnosis and expanding its educational resources, Boots aims to support customers in managing their skin health effectively and affordably.