Brexit will hit us hard: Unilever votes IN

Brexit will hit us hard: Unilever votes IN

Unilever bosses have stated that a vote to leave the European Union in the upcoming British referendum would negatively impact the business, according to a report published by the BBC.

Chief Executive Officer Paul Polman, together with former CEO Patrick Cescau and Niall Fitzgerald and former Chairman Sir Michael Perry sent a joint letter to employees on Thursday.

“It is not for us to suggest how people might vote… but in taking this hugely important and irreversible decision, we feel a responsibility to point out that Unilever in the UK, with its thriving operating company, international research centers, factories and global headquarters would, in our considered opinion, be negatively impacted if the UK were to leave the European Union.”

A spokesperson for the company has revealed that the company is fielding questions from employees past and present and that economic uncertainty in the wake of a ‘leave’ result would hit the Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant.

“We cannot predict the consequences on the economy and the subsequent impact on our operations in the UK,” said the company in a statement.