Bring it back: Marks & Spencer installs collection point for ‘non-recyclable’ plastic

Bring it back: Marks & Spencer installs collection point for ‘non-recyclable’ plastic

Marks & Spencer is not only sanctioning but encouraging the return of non-recyclable plastic to store – a movement that’s long been unofficially practised by environmentalists – by installing collection points for packaging that isn’t eligible for domestic waste collections, according to a report published by Talking Retail.

Customers can drop back problematic packaging such as crisp packets, sachets, cosmetics tubes and black plastic trays, and the UK high street retailer will transform it into store fittings and playground equipment for stores.

Laura Fernandez, Senior Packaging Technologist at M&S, said: “As a business, we’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use, and we have already started phasing out non-recyclable packaging from our products. As we continue to work towards our plastic reduction goals, we want to go a step further and help our customers and the next generation to have a real impact on the environment.  

“Customers often don’t know how best to recycle certain types of plastic or where it goes after being collected by local councils. We’re on a mission to provide a greater awareness of landfill avoidance and plastic recyclability, while ultimately helping our customers to give plastic a new purpose and support a truly circular economy.”

After a three-month pilot, the scheme has been launched initially at eight stores and will be rolled out nationwide by the end of 2019.

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  1. M&S has always been at the forefront of environmental initiatives.

    This latest development will encourage consumers to be more involved in the whole
    sustainability process.

    They will be playing an active part in making their contribution to the disposal of plastics
    in a more environmentally friendly way.


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