California Bill Targets ‘Sephora Kids’ with Skincare Ban for Children Under 13

California Bill Targets ‘Sephora Kids’ with Skincare Ban for Children Under 13

THE WHAT?  A new bill, AB 2491, is under consideration in California that would ban the sale of certain anti-aging skincare products to children younger than 13. Introduced by Assemblymember Alex Lee, the bill aims to protect young children from potential harms associated with these products.

THE DETAILS California bill AB 2491, spearheaded by Assemblymember Alex Lee, has passed the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee and is scheduled for an appropriations hearing. The bill targets over-the-counter cosmetic products advertised as anti-aging, containing Vitamin A derivatives or alpha hydroxy acids, and seeks to prevent their sale to kids under 13. During the April 23 hearing, a 10-year-old testified about adverse reactions from using such products, highlighting the need for regulation. The Personal Care Products Council argues that the bill would be challenging to enforce and overregulates essential skincare items like sunscreens and moisturizers.

THE WHY?  The bill responds to a growing trend of young children engaging in extensive skincare routines influenced by social media. With concerns about potential skin damage and long-term health effects, the legislation aims to ensure children use age-appropriate products. Assemblymember Lee emphasized the bill’s role in preventing unnecessary skin challenges for children and preteens, advocating for more informed and safer skincare practices.