California considers new law to improve ‘harmful’ cosmetics legislation

California considers new law to improve ‘harmful’ cosmetics legislation

A new law is being considered by Californian legislators that would aim to overhaul the existing California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005, looking to repair the omission of ‘harmful’ cosmetics.

According to the existing law, manufacturers of a cosmetic product subject to the approval by the federal Food and Drug Administration must supply a complete list of cosmetics products that contain any ingredient identified as ‘causing cancer of reproductive toxicity.’

The new bill (AB495) was introduced this week, and, subject to approval, aims to ‘improve the oversight of harmful cosmetics’ by the Division of Environmental Disease and Occuptional Disease within the State Department of Public Health, requiring the division to ‘investigate harmful cosmetics’.

This is just one bill being looked at at the legislative session regarding cosmetics. Others include banning animal testing in Hawaii (SB756) and Maryland (SB540) and banning triclosan in sanitisers and cleansing products (Iowa SF24).

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