Caudalie Founders invest €1.5 million in Skin and Out

Caudalie Founders invest €1.5 million in Skin and Out

THE WHAT? The Founders of Caudalie, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas have invested €1.5 million in French acne care brand Skin and Out. The deal follows a similar investment made by the Thomas’ in Talm last year.

THE DETAILS According to a report published by WWD, the Founder of Skin and Out, Amelie Desazars, worked with Mathilde on Caudalie’s acne care line. The funds will be piled towards product development and maximising the brand’s retail presence in France.

THE WHY? Skin and Out rung through sales of €1 million in 2023, WWD reveals. Co-founders Amelie and Fleur told WWD, “Imagining the next stages of our development with Mathilde and Bertrand as mentors is an invaluable opportunity – to know the market and refine our positioning.”